Withdrawal - Receiving your sales money

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Withdrawal - Receiving your sales money

Withdrawal Overview

For artist vendors to receive their money from a completed sale or sales, SCOTSY enables this through a withdrawal procedure, where you as the artist request payment from AdminAdmin can then process the funds accordingly.  

(There are different withdrawal modes that the admin can implement but the mode currently in place is Manual Withdrawal).

Requirements before a Withdrawal Request can be made and implemented:

  1. There is a withdrawal threshold set to 30 days before the transaction will be shown as available for withdrawal in the Withdraw Transaction List. Order must therefore be at least 30 days old.
  2. The order must be fully processed and its status changed from Processing' to 'Completed'. Therefore, the order must be despatched, and delivered to the customer and the customer is OK with their item. 
    Notably, for completed status, admin requires you to ensure all is well with your order. Please also, refer to 'Step 5' 'Change order status to completed' near the bottom of this article:

Processing Orders Procedure Article

Receiving an order

When you receive an order it gets listed in your orders tab. Artist Vendor Dashboard > Orders.

From here you can check which order or orders are still unpaid.

As the artist, you can normally claim withdrawal by clicking the "Withdrawal" button from the payments section here: Artist Vendor Dashboard > Payments.  See image below:

Upon clicking the Withdrawal button, you can submit a request to avail your earnings by selecting your order or orders:

Once the request is submitted, by pressing the REQUEST button, SCOTSY Admin will get the notification of the request and will be able to process the payment(s).

Admin's Processing

Admin receives the request and can view it in their Admin Dashboard. From here admin will be able to "approve" or "reject" the withdrawal request sent to you and can add a note about their action.

Commission Charges Notes

The withdrawal payment method used is STRIPE.

Notably, card transaction charges are deducted from Artist Vendor's total order commission as follows:

Credit/Debit Card (STRIPE) percentage charge of 2.5% plus 

A fixed charge of £0.20.

(There is NO withdrawal charge for processing the withdrawal, on top)

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